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Our Service

Filing and Prosecution of Applications with the USPTO
Translation of Japanese patent applications to English
Paralegal Support and Docketing Support
Drafting of Responses to Office actions

Paralegal Support and Docketing Support


IPValueServe has a team of experienced professionals who provide paralegal and docketing support throughout the patent lifecycle. Supported by an advanced electronic docketing system at the backend, our team ensures that all timelines are adhered to and all formal requirements of the USPTO are met.

Our paralegal team acts a critical link between the client, attorneys, and the USPTO, diligently ensuing coordination between all stakeholders and time management. The team is also responsible for preparing all forms and other formal documents required to be filed with the USPTO.

Our robust docketing platform supports an online environment and allows data and information access across locations. It facilitates seamless communication between the US attorneys and support teams located in India and Japan. The team follows rigorous quality control procedures, including manual and automated crosschecks with the USPTO database, to ensure all timelines are met.

How it works?

Why IPValueServe

  • Partial to complete automation of repetitive tasks, resulting in 15-20% efficiency gains
  • Experienced team with exposure to working on multiple docketing platforms
  • Ability to handle volumes (over 5000 dockets)
  • Stringent quality audit procedures including, 100% peer quality check for all docketing transactions, periodic audits with the USPTO database etc.