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Our Service

Filing and Prosecution of Applications with the USPTO
Translation of Japanese patent applications to English
Paralegal Support and Docketing Support
Drafting of Responses to Office actions

Filing and Prosecution of Applications with the USPTO


One of the major challenges faced by Japanese clients is the efficient filing and prosecution of their Japanese originated applications with the USPTO. Japanese clients face a lot of issues due to multi party involvement in the filing and prosecution process (i.e. client, Japanese law firm and US attorneys), language barriers, and time differences.

IPValueServe’s customized filing and prosecution services squarely address these challenges. IPValueServe has a team of experienced attorneys and paralegals who provide highly efficient and seamless patent filing and prosecution services. Our US set-up is supported by teams in India and Japan, which together create a unique model for smooth, hassle-free filing and prosecution with the highest cost advantage.

How it works?

Why IPValueServe

  • Significant saving in the patent filing and prosecution cost
  • Trained team with proven expertise in handling large portfolios (over 5000 dockets)
  • Extensive training in US patent laws and procedures by US patent attorneys, including Practicing law Institute (PLI) courses
  • Multi-language capabilities (English, Japanese and Chinese) and time zone overlap